Some of the Worst Carpet Staining Culprits: Holiday Edition

By Micheal Sweet on December 12, 2017

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Some of the Worst Carpet Staining Culprits: Holiday Edition

Don’t spill these things on your carpet this holiday season

Happy holidays, everyone! It’s the best time of the year and even though Peoria doesn’t get too much snow—none actually—we have just as much capability of celebrating the holidays the old fashioned way: with merriment, lots of food, and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, with all of the parties and goodies comes the risk of spilling things all over your light colored carpets. As a carpet cleaning company in Peoria, we’re comfortable cleaning just about any stain. Everyone else, on the other hand, who attempts to clean up certain stains on their own might come face to face with some difficulties.

During the holidays, if possible, avoid spilling these things on your carpet:


Melted candle wax is very difficult to get out of carpets because not only does the wax harden onto the carpet fibers, but the color of the wax leaves an added stain. When cleaning up wax, because it’s technically a lipid and needs to be tended to differently than, say, coffee, you need to use rubbing alcohol to try and clean up whatever mess the candle left, but only after you clear up the wax that’s already there. Even if you act fast and take all of the necessary steps to get the stain out, there’s not guarantee it’s going to disappear, especially if it’s a red candle.

We suggest keeping lit candles away from the edges of tables and countertops to prevent them from falling onto your carpet and spilling everywhere.

Red wine

Did you know that some people actually use red wine to dye their hair? Well, if something that’s often used as a hair dye is splattered across your carpet, we don’t have good news for you. Red wine has deep red pigments that hold tight to carpet fibers, and once you spill it, you’re going to have issues getting it out of the carpet.  

Our solution? Stick to white wine—kidding! If you’re going to enjoy some red wine, do so carefully. Keep glasses away from the edges of surfaces and have guests who are at a “spill risk”—meaning they’ve had too much—take the party into another room with tile or linoleum.


Jello is 70 percent jiggle and 30 percent food dye—a rough estimate. Jello is a favorite holiday treat that tends to slide off of plate and straight onto the carpet. If food dye can give food that incredibly bright pigment, it sure as heck can do the same to your carpet. The pigments in the dye aren’t going to take it easy on the fibers, and once the jello falls onto the floor, the red, green, or blue colors are going to stick.

Again, try to keep food far away from light colored carpeting to prevent spills. Jello is one of the hardest things to clean up after it has spilled.


Milk doesn’t usually leave a stain unless it’s flavored heavily with chocolate or strawberry syrup. Unfortunately, milk does leave a nasty odor that can linger. Kids almost always leave Santa Claus a glass of milk along with some cookies, but that doesn’t mean the glass is going to remain full until he makes his way down the chimney. If you’re going to leave a glass of milk out for the big guy in red, make sure that it doesn’t fall down and spill all over your carpet. Santa, while great, isn’t going to clean it up and you’ll be left with spilt milk on your carpet for who knows how long.

Happy holidays! If you experience any of these stains, don’t fret! Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning can help you out. Give us a call today!

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