Why You Should Clean Your Tile

By Micheal Sweet on July 12, 2012


Why You Should Clean Your Tile

Why should you clean your tile?

Getting your tile cleaned at least once a year is the smart thing to do if you like a clean, sanitized and odor free house. Many people don’t realize that tile can hold an incredible amount of dirt. We usually think that carpet is dirtier than tile, but it is not always true.

Does your house have a mysterious smell that you haven’t been able to get rid of?  It might be in the tile and grout.

Do this simple test to see if your tile and grout need cleaning. Go into your kitchen and find a corner that is not a high traffic area or where you normally don’t walk. This area should show the true of color of the grout. Compare the color of the grout from this area with the grout by the kitchen table, entry way and refrigerator.  If the grout is several shades darker it needs to be professionally cleaned.

It is not uncommon to hear from our customers that they have had their carpet cleaned yearly, but have never had their tile cleaned.  If this sounds like your situation, then be prepared to be astonished as we restore and clean your tile.

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Sweettouch will use cleaning solutions that are created especially for tile to loosen up the dirt embedded in the grout. Sweettouch also has a commercial grade machine that will heat the water to 240 degrees converting it to steam in order to extract the cleaning solution leaving the grout looking new and clean once again.

You must mop the floors to keep them clean.  However, once the floors accumulate enough dirt, mopping will just smear the dirt around.  Regular mopping just can’t do what Sweettouch can.

Have Sweettouch do your tile and grout cleaning once a year and be prepared to be amazed.

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