Why We Love Our Pets

By Micheal Sweet on November 10, 2017


Why We Love Our Pets

Here is exactly why we love our pets so much!

Humans, since the beginning of time, have had the inclination to befriend animals. Is it because they’re helpful? Loyal? Cute? All of the above? Anyway, pets make us happy, and that’s why we keep them around and put up with their messes. Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning knows that most humans wouldn’t be the same without their beloved furry friends, and we’ve made sure to provide and perfect the solution to some of the things that make you regret adopting them in the first place! As a pet stain carpet cleaner in Peoria, you could imagine how much we like pets; they give us business!

To commemorate all of the pets out in the world that make life just that much better, we thought we’d dedicate this post to them!

They’re fluffy!

Yes, pets are always so fluffy, even when they have short hair. Whether you have a pup, a kitty, a hamster, or even a fish, it’s fluffy just by nature of being a pet. Fluffy means more than having fur sometimes, especially if you have a cute little face. Yes, we know we sound a little bit silly, but listen in on almost anyone talking about their pet; they’ll describe them as fluffy. This is something our pet stain cleaning company has noticed time and time again. Quite honestly, though, we understand.

Silly moments that make you LOL

Pets, cats in particular, are one of the main pillars that hold up the internet. No matter where you go, including our own site, you will come across a cute animal. Funny animals are particularly entertaining, especially if they’re sitting in a silly pose or doing something mischievous. Animals have such innocent souls, and any silly thing that they do is simultaneously precious and hilarious!

Cuddles before bed

The only thing that beats laying down under the covers after a long day is snuggling up with your furry pal. Animals are always the best at cuddling—sorry significant others! Not only are they incredibly adorable when they’re sleeping, but they’re also very calming. It’s difficult to feel stressed out when you’re next to your best bud!

Social media stardom

If you find yourself in that opportune moment when you can snap a photo of your pet at just the right moment, say hello to social media stardom! I mean, really, how can you scroll past a photo of a dog playing in the snow or a kitten playing with a toy without liking it? We know that we can’t. Anyway, if you’re into social media, a pet is a surefire way to gain attention!


Unconditional love… even from cats

Pets love us no matter what—yes, this includes cats, strangely enough. And for that, we say thank you! We know that even if they leave us an unpleasant surprise on our new white carpet, we’ll still be more than thankful that they’re in our lives.

If your pet left some stains on your carpet, please give Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning in Peoria a call today. We have the tools and expertise to get any tough stain or odor out of your carpet, as soon as possible!

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