When to Clean Your Carpets

By Micheal Sweet on October 10, 2017


When to Clean Your Carpets

When is it time to have your carpets cleaned?

Hello, and welcome back! Sweettouch provides carpet cleaning to the Peoria area and we’re dedicated to using the best equipment and methods available. The floors of most homes are lined with carpets, which provide a comfortable and soft feel. While there are many benefits to carpeting, there is one pitfall that’s hard to ignore: they’re more difficult to clean. With hardwood and linoleum, you could simply go over the entire surface with a broom and a mop and easily clean up any dirt or stains. Carpets, because they’re constructed with fibers, are a bit harder to clean. Stains and odors tend to get trapped and it takes effort to remove those stains.

More often than not, people tend to neglect their carpets out of a lack of time or resources. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to clean your carpets, the dirtier they become. With time, more dirt, stains, and odors are caked onto the mess that already exists within the fibers. Today, we’re going to go over some of the indicators that it could be time to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

You haven’t in awhile

So you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in years? It might be time to schedule a professional cleaning. Carpets have a tendency to trap and lock in germs and dirt, which isn’t particularly healthy. While vacuums can suck up dirt, it takes hot water extraction to eliminate all of the harmful matter that vacuums simply cannot get. Think of all of the feet and shoes that have stepped over your carpets over the years. Do you know where they were before they stepped on your carpet?

You have stains that haven’t come out

Usually, after we spill something on the carpet, our first instinct is to try and scrub it out. Unfortunately, this only causes the stain to further penetrate the fibers of the carpet, leaving a stain that’s especially difficult to get out. If what you spilled was something rich like red wine or coffee, it’s going to be harder to remove. That stain likely sticks out like a sore thumb even on darker carpets. In most cases, in order to actually remove the stain, powerful equipment and solutions are needed. With truck-mounted equipment, the stain is “sucked” out rather than scrubbed further in.

You have pets

No matter how well trained your cat or dog is, they’ve likely went to the bathroom on your carpet; and pet urine is nothing that you want to cope with on your own. Again, when you try to scrub carpets, you’re doing a better job of actually pushing the stains in deeper than you are at getting them out. While a red wine stain is ugly, pet urine is unsanitary. Therefore, if you have pets, you should schedule professional carpet cleaning to extract the urine residue before it has a chance to make your home smell. Our carpet cleaning company specializes in pet stain removal so that you can rest assured that your carpets and upholstery are as clean as can be.

Your household suffers from allergies

If you or your family has a pollen or grass allergy, then it’s even more important that you have your carpets regularly cleaned. While vacuuming does a good job of removing the excess allergens from the surface of the carpet, it can’t penetrate what’s trapped underneath. Whenever we walk over the carpet, we’re pushing the dirt and allergens even further into the carpet. Having your carpets cleaned professionally is the best way to make sure that the allergens are eliminated.


It looks dirty

This is a pretty simple point, but an unsightly carpet can bring down the aesthetic of your entire home, regardless of how clean you keep it. Even if you haven’t spilled anything or you don’t own pets, the dirt from the outdoors has a tendency to creep in. In order to make sure that your home looks as nice as you want it to, you’ll want to schedule professional carpet cleaning regularly.

Clean carpets are the basis of a clean home. If you’re located in the Peoria area, be sure to contact Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning. We use top notch equipment and solutions to make sure that your floors are sparkling. Contact us today for an appointment.

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