Urgent Reasons to Clean Your Carpet

By Micheal Sweet on October 20, 2017


Urgent Reasons to Clean Your Carpet

Clean your carpets immediately if you’re in these situations

Carpets are one of the first things that people notice when they walk into a home. How could they not? Carpets literally cover the floor. Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning in Peoria, if you haven’t noticed, is a huge proponent of clean carpets. It’s in our name. However, we know that it’s not always necessary to have your carpets cleaned right away. There are a few instances, though, when you should make it a priority to clean your carpets right away because it could cost you.

Yes! Dirty carpets can largely affect the way that your home’s worth is perceived, especially when it comes to selling and leasing it. Here are a few instances where it’s urgent that you have those carpets cleaned, or else it will cost you!

You’re renting it

“You’re renting it” in the sense that you’re a tenet and it’s about that time when anything you do can either make or break what you get back from your security deposit. If you’re an Arizona State student, then we’d be more worried about being taken to court for damages than getting back our deposit. While Sweettouch does offer intense cleaning services, we can’t patch up that hole in the ceiling from that rager you threw.

Regardless, if you’re on the countdown until your lease is up and it’s time to move out, you should have your carpets and floors cleaned by a professional. Sweettouch, for one, uses truck mounted equipment, which is extremely powerful in cleaning out stains and odors, most of which can’t be removed by your Walmart bought carpet cleaner. When landlords are inspecting the place post-moveout, they’re on the hunt for any reason to extract extra money for your security deposit. That small sauce stain on the carpet? That’s going to cost a lot to clean if left to the landlord. Taking it into your own hands is going to be a lot less expensive. Our carpet cleaning company can help!

You’re about to rent it

If you’re a landlord, ignore that last bit! We were totally joking about the part where landlords are stingy about security deposits! Anyway, if you’re renting out property, people aren’t going to be down to pay high prices for a place that has stained and smelly carpets. And, carpets are one of the first things that people are going to notice. By investing in a professional carpet cleaner before showing the home to potential tenants, you’ll a) be able to rent it out for a higher price and b) attract more reliable tenets. Think of it this way: if somebody is willing to rent a place with gross carpets, they’re going to be more likely to cause stains themselves. It’s a cycle that you should break immediately.

If you’re renting out to Arizona State undergraduates, however, forget that last bit. Just be prepared for floors that are the color of beer, which we could certainly help clean.  

You’re selling it

It’s a seller’s market; the more you pump into your home’s value, the more you’ll get out. One of the top things that sees a high return on investment is clean carpeting. Almost every real estate agent will urge you to either replace them or have them professionally cleaned. People notice stains and odors, and they’re not going to be interested in your home if it means they’d have to put in the work to clean the carpets themselves. There are plenty of other sellers who have homes on the market with spotless flooring. Make yourself one of them! If your home is immaculate, people are going to be more likely to pay full price for it. More often than not, the cost of fresh flooring is nothing in comparison to how much people are willing to pay for a house that’s spotless.

You’re considering Airbnb

Airbnb is catalyzing the evolution of the travel industry. Now, homeowners are able to make hundreds of dollars over the course of the weekend by renting out a portion of their home for the weekend via Airbnb. And, people are constantly traveling to Arizona for its warm climate and gorgeous landscapes. If you have extra space and a decent pad, you could really capitalize off of this service; however, there is a caveat.

People are picky about where they stay when on vacation. They’re not going to be pleased if they land in a place with gross carpets. If this happens, they’ll either complain to the company, leave a bad review, or both. A bad review can be enough to ruin your chances at ever attracting potential stayers again. The simple solution? Call a professional carpet cleaning company, people!

As you can see, hiring a carpet cleaning company who knows what they’re doing, like Sweettouch in Peoria, can actually make you money. So why skimp? Give us a call today!

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