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Carpets aren’t the only things needing the Sweettouch in your home. Your sofa, loveseat, and chairs get their share of spills and dirt over the years. Let our trained professionals revitalize your upholstery and make it look and smell fresh again.

Our technicians use variety types of methods for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. There are various upholstery cleaning methods, but these can be categorized in to two main areas: wet and dry cleaning.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

When you are looking at the upholstery cleaning, first, there is the hot water extraction method, which, in layman’s terms, is more commonly known as steam cleaning. Like carpets if done incorrectly your furniture will look and smell musty and feel hard. It’s not actually steam as you never quite get it up to boiling point, but hot water extraction that extracts the dirt via hot water. This is the number one method recommended by most manufactures.

It combines a high level of pressure with hot water which in theory increases the rate of reaction. Another wet method is through shampoo. This is only used in a case of very badly damaged upholstery and is based on a similar method to the upholstery steam cleaning. It is way more aggressive, and only used in very specific cases. There are foamy substances in the shampoo which allows a deeper cleansing. Often, the hot water extraction method is used after this.

Top Rated Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

The dry foam method is used in upholstery fabrics that are more sensitive and could not tolerate wet shampoo or extraction methods. It differs from the wet methods in that it controls any moisture using brushes and occasionally foam machines. This can be done at home with a natural sponge that will control the chemicals and so the individual cleaning the upholstery can control the area while using the sponge. It is for sure a much less aggressive method. Once the foam has been applied, it is dried with white 100% cotton towels. Dry cleaning extraction uses dry chemicals.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

• Vacuums isn’t just for floors and others things, we can add those attachments they comes with the vacuum. This can actually prolong the life of your furniture. Use the upholstery attachment to vacuum your furnishings on a weekly basis can save you money in the long run. The angle-tipped crevice tool is great for reaching sneaky areas where the evidence of daily dirt and cheerios.

• Every month, take all your cushions outside and beat them by hand. This will help prevent dust from settling into the fibers. When replacing cushions, rotate and flip them as you would a mattress to ensure even wear.

• Your Grandmother was on to something with the “Don’t eat food in the living room” rule. Moms if you can enforce a ban on food, drink and pets on the furniture. Then your furnishings will last years longer. Take care with other less obvious sources of stains, too: even newsprint inks can bleed easily onto fabric.

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