Hire The Right Clean Service

Want to hire the right clean service?  Sweettouch provides a clean service that covers all of the Valley of the Sun.  Choosing the right clean service for you depends on your unique needs.

Some people are just looking for a maid service.  A maid service specializes in doing light cleaning on a regular schedule, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  A maid service is quite different from the clean service that is offered by Sweettouch.

The Sweettouch clean service consists of what we call our Rent Ready service.  It is not a maid service.  The Rent Ready clean service gets a vacant property ready to be occupied.  This type of clean service many times requires more heavy duty deep cleaning.  Getting a property Rent Ready consists cleaning from top to bottom.

Gross bathroom that needs a heavy duty clean service.

Could a maid service be able to handle this?

A maid service might do light dusting.  Our Rent Ready clean service actually spends some time on areas that get dusty like blinds, fans, and light fixtures.  The difference is in the details.

A maid service can sweep and mop.  However, The Sweettouch Rent Ready clean service can if use a professional truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to clean the floors.  That is beauty of our clean service.  You don’t have to hire different companies to get everything clean.

Our Rent Ready service can include carpet and tile cleaning, window cleaning, and appliance cleaning.  Most maid services are not equipped for this type of heavy duty cleaning.  That’s why the Sweettouch Rent Ready clean service makes sense to many investors, property managers, real estate agents and people moving in and out of a house.