All in One Property Management Cleaning Services

We have been working with many investors throughout Phoenix by providing all in one property management cleaning services.  If you know Sweettouch, then you may be getting familiar with the term Rent Ready.  Rent Ready bv Sweettouch is an all in one property management cleaning services.

Let Sweettouch clean the carpet, tile and whole property

Rent Ready allows property management companies to hire one cleaning service for all of their cleaning needs.  Many times a property management company will have to hire a carpet cleaner, a maid service and a window washer.  The beauty of Rent Ready is that it takes all of these different tasks and combines them into one package.  This can save property management companies time and money.  We understand that scheduling different contractors can be a big headache.  We try to make the cleaning and special finishing touches on a property easy.

Property Management Cleaning Services include:

  • Professional carpet and tile cleaning
  • Appliances cleaned (refrigerator, microwave, oven etc.)
  • Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathrooms detailed and sanitized.
  • Clean fixtures (lights, ceiling fans, light switches etc.)
  • Disinfect the property (kill 99% of germs)
  • Eliminate odors

Sweettouch has cleaned hundreds of empty properties from top to bottom.  We literally get these properties Rent Ready, meaning they are readyProperty Management Cleaning Services to be lived in.

A few years ago when we started performing property management cleaning services, we didn’t do any marketing.  We started doing Rent Ready as a side project.  However, after cleaning hundreds of properties and getting great feedback, we have decided to begin marketing this package.  Apartment managers, leasing agents, Realtors, and clients who have moved out or moved into a property have told us over and over again that this is a great idea.

We have decided to offer special discounts to those in property management since it can be categorized as a type of commercial cleaning.  Feel free to contact us through phone, email, Facebook, or Twitter, or responses to this blog.

Clean empty house