What is Truck Mounted Equipment?

By Micheal Sweet on October 5, 2017


What is Truck Mounted Equipment?

What is the Truck-Mounted Equipment We Use?

Hello and welcome back! Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning in Peoria is always on top of the latest technology and methods when it comes to getting your floors and carpets spotless. If you haven’t worked with us yet or haven’t paid attention to our site, then you may not know about the equipment that we use. Arguably the most effective carpet cleaning tool, truck mounted equipment is sure to get the stains and odors out of the fibers in your carpet. It’s powerful forces and scalding temperatures work to lift dirt and stains from the fibers of your carpet more efficiently than any other equipment out there, and that’s why Sweettouch invests so much in this sort of machinery.

We boast about using truck-mounted equipment quite often, but that means virtually nothing if you don’t know what it is. Today, we thought we’d inform you on what truck-mounted means and why we think it’s the best.

What is it?

This genre of carpet cleaning equipment is exactly what it sounds like. The actual machine is attached to a trailer or van so that it could operate at such a high power. Sweettouch utilizes truck-mounted machines because of its powerful abilities to clean.

Parts of the Truck Mount

There are several special pieces that work together to make the machine so powerful and such an effective carpet cleaning tool. The first and most important part is obviously the engine, which is often powered by diesel or petrol fuel—just to give you an idea of how powerful these machines really are. The engine is connected to the chassis of the vehicle being used which fuels the machine. Attached to the main engine is also an alternator to charge the battery and a fuel pump which connects the engine to the vehicle. You can almost think of truck mounted equipment that’s being used to clean your carpets as, well, a truck with a hose.

Another important piece of the equipment is the heat exchanger. You may have come across a heat exchanger if you ever had to have your HVAC units repaired or replaced. When the water is heated by the cleaning equipment, it runs through the heat exchanger which contains coils used to raise the temperatures.   

Other important parts

The heat exchanger and fuel powered engine are the two main parts of the truck-mounted equipment that make it so powerful. However, without these other important parts, the cleaning equipment wouldn’t be able to do its job:


  • Water-pump: Cleaning carpets requires water, which you probably already knew. The water pump pumps out scalding hot water and works to kill germs and break up stains and dirt. Without the steaming hot water, your carpets wouldn’t be quite as clean.
  • Water-tank: Attached to the equipment is a tank that holds the water that’s used in carpet cleaning. That then attaches to the water-pump.
  • Cleaner pump: Water isn’t the only thing being used to clean your carpets. The cleaner pump sprays chemicals onto the carpet to deodorize and lift stains. The chemicals that we use at Sweettouch are both safe and green.
  • Vacuum: After the carpets are cleaned with steaming hot water and cleaning solutions, the vacuum hose sucks up the excess water and dirt and deposits it into a wastewater tank that’s inside of the truck with the engine. This final step is arguably the most important because it removes all of the excess dirt and water that would leave your home just as dirty had it been left there.  


Truck-mounted equipment allows us to effectively clean via the hot water extraction method which is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.” The hot water combined with high pressures and cleaning solution offers an unparalleled ability to clean. Because it’s attached to an actual vehicle, the equipment could run at high powers and heat the water at temperatures reaching 300 degrees!

Truck-mounted equipment is in no way cheap, but Sweettouch would rather make an investment in our equipment so that your carpets and upholstery could be as clean and odor free as possible! For the best carpet cleaning company around, be sure to contact Sweettouch today!


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