The Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets

By Micheal Sweet on November 5, 2017

The Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets

Having your carpets cleaned regularly is beneficial when you’re looking to enhance the look of your interior, enjoy a clean and fresh space, or you’re just wanting to prioritize the care of your carpets. Unfortunately, there will always be accidents that happen in between your routine cleanings, and some of them are extremely difficult to remove. The team at Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning has visited many Glendale homes that have had their fair share of tough stains to fight, but time and time again we are able to deliver.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s an accident that you’re trying to remove on your own, let’s start off by covering some of the toughest stains that homeowners will wind up with, and finish off with why it’s important that you don’t try and remove these stains on your own.

Tough Stains to Remove

No two stains are equal, and this is especially true when it comes to the ease with which their removed. What can really leave an effect on you is that most of these items that leave challenging stains can be found in just about any household, on any given day. So, let’s get started diving in on these different types of stains.

Wine & Grape Juice

These are probably some of the more commonly known stains that people know is difficult to remove. Usually, it’s from personal experience that they learn this. The deep colors of these two fluids are quick to seep into the carpets, and if they’re not cared for relatively quickly, then they can lead to permanent damage to your carpet.

Of course, there’s no real way to control an accident from happening, so in the case that you wind up with wine or juice on your carpet, and you have to wait a little bit of time before we can come and care for the stain, put some hydrogen peroxide on the spot and gently dab. This will help you get some of the liquid from the root of the carpet to the surface. A gentle dab is enough to soak up the liquid that does rise, without spreading it.

If you do try and remove some of the stains from the carpet, make sure that you are only dabbing the liquid. If you try and rub this part of your carpet, you are likely to spread the wine or the juice, expanding the area that is affected by the wine as well as the stain. At this point, the liquid won’t be sitting at the root of your carpets and the coloration will really just spread to the rest of the carpet.

Coffee Stains

While we’re covering liquids that are known for their staining abilities, let’s just right into coffee and how difficult it is to remove that from your carpets. This is one of the most common stains that is seen in both commercial and residential carpets, but it’s not one that people anticipate being difficult to remove from their carpets.

This stain can vary in coloration and in difficulty to remove, but for the most part they’re a yellow color (after having been attempted to clean), but can also be a full brown color. The most challenging part about these stains is that they are primarily a worry with the coloration of the coffee, but can be acted upon immediately with the help of some vinegar. Pour this on the stain, and lightly dab at that part of the ground.

Unfortunately, though, this is going to be another stain that will require a professional to have removed fully, so make sure that you reach out so that we are able to take care of that for you.

Ink Stains

If you’ve ever had a pen explode, whether it be in a pocket or a purse, you know just how awful that ink can be. Not only does it spread quickly, but it is pretty resilient when it comes to how well it clings to fibers and objects. This is the last stain that we’re going to cover today, and it’s one we also see in both residential and commercial locations.

The tough part about this particular stain is that it requires an extremely deep cleaning and professional in order for it to be removed, and that’s simply the truth. While there were other tools and supplies that you could use at the initial spill for the other two, this is one that when you add additional fluid to it, will spread. That goes for water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

The only way to really remove ink stains is to have them steam cleaned, which we can provide you with. The sooner that you do reach out to us, the sooner that we can get you taken care of and the more likely you are to have an ink-free carpet.
If you have any of the stains we’ve mentioned in this blog, make sure to reach out to Sweettouch. Otherwise, keep up with our blog as we’ll be touching on a few of the treatment myths that we hear floating around, soon.


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