Top Ways a Party Can Harm Your Home

By Micheal Sweet on December 6, 2017

Top Ways a Party Can Harm Your Home

Winter is oftentimes the perfect season for throwing parties. You’re indoors, it’s chilly outside, and having a few friends over sounds like just the thing to cure those winter blues—right? While your party might be a huge hit, make sure you are prepared to handle the cleanup! We have compiled a list of some of the top ways your house could get damaged during a party.

Broken Glass

If you decided to get fancy and break out the wine glasses, it doesn’t take a genius to know that having one too many makes it much more likely for one of those glasses to tumble to the floor. Even empty glasses cause quite a mess when they shatter, leaving glass shards behind that can be a real safety hazard. If any glasses get broken at your next shindig, make sure to take care of it immediately. Wipe up what you can of the liquid, but be cautious not to handle the broken glass with your bare hands. Instead, sweep them into a dustpan and vacuum the area to be safe.

Dirty Dishes

Did you serve a dinner at your party or at least some hors-d’oeuvres? If so, you could be left with messy plates and scattered dishes all over your home. Keep this in mind as you round them all up, throw out the remaining food, and start washing them all. Next time, consider plastic or paper plates instead. They can be easily thrown away, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up icky food mess the next day.

Muddy Halls

When your guests come in, sometimes they don’t get their shoes off in time not to track dirt and mud from the outside right through your home. Even if it isn’t muddy outside, we can guarantee that debris and dust are stuck to those shoes that they are clomping across the floor. For the time being, make sure to ask your guests to remove their shoes once they get inside your home. Wood floors can be repaired from this with a little sweeping and mopping but, as you probably have guessed, carpet takes a little more work!


Whether on the floor or on the countertops, spills are debatably the most common mess that is made at parties. While they are typically innocent, they demand immediate attention if you are hoping to avoid any permanent stains from forming on your carpet. Grab the paper towels, the mop, whatever you need in order to get that mess up! When stains are unavoidable, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sweettouch LLC

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