Spooky Stains to Look Out For this Halloween (I)

By Micheal Sweet on October 24, 2017


Spooky Stains to Look Out For this Halloween (I)

Happy Halloween! Look out for these common candy stains.

Halloween is coming, you know what that means! Ghosts, ghouls, and a lot of candy! Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning is a huge fan of Halloween for these very reasons, and we can’t wait for the holiday to come to Peoria and the rest of the Phoenix area. However, as a carpet cleaning company, we’re always wary of the stains that mark our carpets around any holiday. Halloween is a big date for stains for a few reasons, so be careful about the spooky things in the air, like ghosts and monsters, as well as the spooky things on the ground that could wreak havoc on your floors. This Halloween, stay on the lookout for these culprits:


Seriously, what’s Halloween without chocolate? Unfortunately, while chocolate is delicious, it causes an unsightly appearance when it marks up your nice and light carpet. Because of how much chocolate is around on Halloween, it’s often hard to prevent at least a few pieces from falling on the floor and causing a stain. Cleaning chocolate that melted and stained your carpet isn’t too difficult if you act fast. If the stain is hardened, scrape up as much as is possible and vacuum. If any stains persist, mix together non-colored laundry detergent and warm water. Apply to the stain and BLOT, don’t rub. Rubbing the stain will only make it worse! Wait until it dries and then vacuum again. If this doesn’t work the first time, repeat the steps.


The good thing about caramel is that it’s mostly sugar, and sugar doesn’t (usually) have too many pigments that hold onto carpet fibres. If you notice a caramel stain on the carpet or rug, try to scrape as much of it up, as you did with the chocolate. For the remnants, apply a solution of non-colored laundry detergent and warm water. Blot the stain and allow it to dry. Usually, the chemicals in the detergent along with warm water break the glucose bonds in the sticky caramel, allowing the stain to lift from the carpet. When dry, vacuum up! Repeat the steps again if this didn’t get all of the caramel out of the carpet.

Taffy and Gum

Taffy or gum stuck to your brand new, white carpet is probably more terrifying than all of the horror films combined. However, with some patience and persistence, you don’t have to worry! Usually, people’s first instinct is to rub out the sticky mess with a sponge, but that’s only going to make the situation worse! Another instinct that people have is to cut the mess out. While, yes, this will work, it will also cause permanent damage to your carpets.

If you notice gum or taffy stuck to the carpet, apply ice to it before you do anything else. The cold hardens the substance, making it less sticky. Then, once hardened, you could scrape the guck until it lets go of the fibers. When you get as much out as you can with the scraping, vacuum up the particles. Add a solution of non-colored detergent and water to the spot and blot, don’t rub! Let it dry. Gum and taffy are especially tricky remove from carpets. If the stain is larger and harder to get out, try a solution such as Goo Gone, which was designed for this very purpose! However, if you can get the stain out before having to go out and buy chemical help, that is preferable and much easier. Our carpet cleaning company has seen plenty of gum stains, and we’re well aware of how sticky the situation is when you experience it—pun intended!


Trying to remove candy stains from your carpet is no fun, but Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning is here on the ready. Usually, if you treat these stains promptly and you don’t rub them into the carpet, they’ll come out in a pinch. The method used to pull the stain from the carpet or rug depends on the makeup of the stain; the ingredients in gum are different than the ingredients in chocolate. It makes sense that you’ll need different solutions and approaches to removing them. However, even if you are diligent, stains don’t always lift. For help with stain removal, contact our carpet clening company today! Happy Halloween!

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