Spooky Stains to Look Out For this Halloween (II)

By Micheal Sweet on October 28, 2017

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Spooky Stains to Look Out For this Halloween (II)

Halloween is coming! Protect the look of your carpet from these monstrous stains!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning is excited for the holiday. However, we are a bit nervous because as we transform into ghouls and goblins, we often leave a mess in the process. Whether it be candy, makeup, or decorations, the things that come alongside Halloween are quite messy. In our previous post (link), we touched on some common candy stains and how to clean them up. Candy isn’t the only stain culprit, though! In fact, many Halloween stains are caused by makeup and decorations. This Halloween, beware of the stains listed below and treat them accordingly. It would be a Halloween nightmare for these stains to end up worse than how you found them!


Luckily, most people don’t look like creepy zombies and vampires year round. Many Halloweeners use makeup to construct their terrifying faces, and makeup isn’t carpet friendly. The dyes and pigments immediately cause stains when they come into contact with the carpet fibers. Don’t be too spooked this October 31st when you notice some red and black that should be on your face smeared onto the carpet. Yes, this is scary! Act fast and it the stain will be out in no time.

If the stain is from eyeliner or mascara, add some liquid dish soap to the stain. This will soften it up and make it easier to remove. Usually, mascaras and eyeliners are water based and dish soap helps to break up the pigments that are designed to adhere to surfaces, like skin, eyelashes, and, of course, carpet fibers. After the dish soap sets in, blot the spot with a damp cloth until it’s somewhat dry. Repeat until the stain has lifted. Vacuum!

On the other hand, if the stain is from lipstick or Halloween costume makeup, then you’ll want to use rubbing alcohol instead. These makeups are generally oil based and highly pigmented. Apply rubbing alcohol to the stain and blot with a cloth. Repeat until the stain will no longer transfer to the cloth (if the cloth is light, you could usually see this by looking). If the stain is still there and no longer transferring, blot it with the solution of non-colored detergent and warm water. Allow it to soak a bit and continue to blot. Vacuum when done.

Of course, we couldn’t forget foundation. The ingredients used in foundations often vary, so we’ll usually recommend the simple solution of non-colored detergent and warm water. The detergent helps lift the stain and the pigments while the water helps it transfer to the cloth. After you add a small amount of the mixture to the stain, begin to blot it until it’s somewhat dry. Vacuum after the stain is gone!

Fruit Punch

You’re probably already aware that most fruit punches have little to no fruit in them—just sugar and food dye. The sugar part isn’t the worrisome part; it’s the heavy amounts of food dye poured into the drink that’s going to cause problems. If the stain is fresh, immediately begin to blot it with a white cloth until no more of the stain is lifting. Acting fast prevents the stain from saturating into the fibers.

After you blot as much of the stain up, or if the stain had already dried, add some liquid dish soap. Let it sink in and then add some warm water. Blot until the area is somewhat dry. If the stain lifted, vacuum the spot. If not, repeat until the stain is gone.



Candles help to add an eerie ambiance to any house on Halloween. Unfortunately, that means a lot of wax stains. Regardless of the color of the candle, start cleaning up the wax stain by freezing it with some ice or an ice pack. Wax is a stable lipid that hardens or melts at specific temperatures, and ice will cause it to harden. Once it’s hard, chip away at it with a knife or something hard. When you’re unable to get any more of the wax up, vacuum.

If there is still a stain, add some non-colored laundry detergent and some water. Blot the solution until it’s close to dry. Repeat this second step until the stain is no longer visible. Vacuum!

Happy Halloween! If the stain is stubborn and the above methods don’t work, don’t hesitate to contact our Peoria carpet cleaning company. We can surely help you out!

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