Rent Ready Cleaning

Are You in Need of Rent Ready Cleaning? You’re in Luck

Moving out or moving in? Renting or selling your property?  Would you like to impress potential buyers and sellers? Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning can clean your vacant property and get it Rent Ready!

Our carpet cleaning company provides our rent ready services to both residential and commercial properties. We service apartments, offices, homes, malls, and other properties.

Sweettouch can provide cleaning for a homeowner getting ready to rent or sell their home, or an investor looking to clean up a property after a construction project. Before you rent or sell your property, our team will go in and clean it from top to bottom.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

Get your deposit back!

We have helped countless tenants get their deposit back from the property manager after moving out.

Here is what we do during Rent Ready cleanings:

  • Remove all dirt and dust out of home from top to bottom
  • Deep clean and sanitize bathrooms, toilets, cabinets, sinks, showers, countertops
  • Deep clean and sanitize kitchens, countertops, sinks, cabinets, stoves, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators (if empty)
  • Clean all windows inside and out, window sills, and track including arcadia doors (Upgrade)
  • Clean all fans and light fixtures
  • Clean all doors and door frames
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Spray off patios, garage, and driveway

Our commercial cleaning service has two phases: the first phase is a post-construction cleaning where we go to the property and pick up all construction materials.The second phase is cleaning up after all the trades are finished. We can also provide an additional phase that includes vacuuming, detailing, cleaning windows, cleaning bathrooms and any extra cleaning.  After the property has been detailed, we can complete both carpet cleaning and tile cleaning.

Cleaning isn’t a simple business when we are talking about cleaning up a property that has been remodeled. What makes Sweettouch’s cleaning services in Phoenix so unique? We can provide a total cleaning package. After cleaning hundreds of homes and offices, our methods have vastly improved. We think of our services as art.

If you are an investor, homeowner, or property manager, give Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning a call. See what can happen when the right cleaning service understands what you need to get the building Rent Ready and make it look new.

Sweettouch has a package to meet all of your Phoenix cleaning needs. Whatever the challenge may be, our team can accommodate you.

We would like the opportunity to bid on your residential or commercial property. Estimating your cleaning project needs special attention. All properties are different and the costs vary. Please call us today and schedule an appointment to get an estimate.