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Pet-Treatment Facts & Guarantees

Do you have pets?

Dogs, cats, and other animals bring so much love to our lives, but they can also wreck your carpets and home. Pet owners know all too well that odors and stains caused by pets can be some of the toughest to remove and may never come out. Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning is here to help.

Our trained carpet cleaning technicians know exactly how to deal with tough pet stains. They will treat the urine, odor, or stains thoroughly to get the best results possible. While your pet stains may be visible on the carpet surface, the real problem is often three layers deep. Sweettouch can assist you and recommend the right steps to removing pet odors and stains.

Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning knows how to eliminate pet odors and stains from tile, wood flooring, padding, and carpets. In most cases, we’ll be able to thoroughly remove the stain and smell permanently. The professionals from Sweettouch promises a job done right. Finding that stain or odor can be a difficult task. Our techs have the experience and knowledge to find the problem areas. However, simply having your carpets cleaned will not eliminate the smell of urine. It will require one of three steps shown in the chart below.


Our Pre-Treatment Cleaning Steps:

  • Step One – For smaller areas and animals, we’ll use a topical spray. Think of it like a bandage with a 50/50 chance of working with no guarantees.
  • Step Two – Flooding the padding with a pet enzyme is an 80/20 guarantee with greater results.
  • Step Three – Pulling the carpets, replacing padding, and sealing the sub-flooring is 100 percent guaranteed to fix the problem.

Our carpet cleaning company urges you to read all three steps before you agree upon pet-treatments.

Topical Treatment

We’re able to locate small spots with a blacklight. Typically, we can use a topical spray that binds to urine, crystallizing the spot. In most cases, the damage is Isolated to a small spot, and calls for a solution called Odor Stain Remover (OSR). When mixed with 200 degree water, OSR permanently removes pet urine odor contaminations. Also, it has many added benefits including no lingering fragrances, a onetime treatment, complete stain removal, non-allergenic formula, and it works in about 30 minutes using the power of oxidation to remove both pet urine odors and stains. The technician will saturate the carpet and pad with OSR, changing the chemical composition of any proteins (urine, feces, blood) it comes in contact with. After saturation, we will extract the OSR and clean your carpets to finalize the process. This is the most effective pet odor and stain treatment available without us replacing your carpet or pad.

jen-page-after Aftermarket Products / Pet Store
While aftermarket products can help with the immediate smell, you’re just masking the problem. The pet store wanting you to buy their product, but the urine is still in your carpet. It takes a different type of enzyme and truck mount to extract the solution from your carpet. This may seem like and easy process, but please leave this to the professionals at Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning. Pet stain odors can be hard to find an immediate odor connected to a visible stain that is visible to the naked eye. There is no need to crawl around on your own carpet on your hands and knees looking for pet odors and stains.
Cleaning Up Pet Stains

It can be difficult to clean up pet stains and odors because they’re often invisible. Connecting an odor to a stain isn’t easy by any means. Fortunately, there is no need to crawl around looking for pet odors and stains.

Sweettouch’s Process Works

Our carpet cleaning company has a customized process where we use black light technology to reveal pet odors and stains. Pet urine contains salts that are visible under black light. While you can buy a cheap black light on your own, cleaning your carpet can actually reveal more stains due to the enzymes in the cleaning solutions. Then what do you do?

Store-bought products are cheap for a reason. For the best pet stain carpet cleaning, Sweettouch is the one to call.


Red Relief/Stain Removal

With sufficiently protected carpets, difficult red stains from wine, Kool-Aid, and Fruit Punch will come up with just a white towel. If blotting with cool water doesn’t work, our carpet cleaning company can apply our special treatment for red spills so it won’t become a permanent stain. We can let you know if it will come out completely.

Wax Removal

If you happen to spill some candle wax on your carpet, or your 2-year old created a new masterpiece in his room with crayons, don’t just throw a rug over it! Our carpet cleaning company offers wax removal services and we also have treatments for every color under the rainbow, because it is never the white candle that is knocked over!

Odor Removal

We offer two types of odor removal depending on the cause. Unbearable odors from smoke damage (either from fire or cigarettes) require thermal fog treatment. Other stubborn odors can be eliminated with our ozone treatment. We also offer disinfecting and deodorizing in case of neglected water damage that has begun to form into mildew and smell.

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