When to Not Clean Your Carpets

By Micheal Sweet on October 31, 2017


When to Not Clean Your Carpets

Here are a few times when it’s okay to not have your carpets cleaned

We’re carpet cleaners in Peoria, so obviously, we put a high level of importance on clean carpets. Regardless of the color and fabric of your carpet, they’re going to become ICK if you leave them be and neglect them for enough time. We can’t think of too many reasons why somebody would leave their carpets dirty—it’s a travesty, really. However, the local carpet cleaners here at Sweettouch have composed a list of some reasons when failing to schedule professional carpet cleaning is forgivable. Curious? You should be. But here are some instances where we’ll let this pass:

You’re dead

Yes, surprisingly. If you’re dead, carpets no longer matter, why would they? If you’re in the “beyond,” then we urge you to not call our carpet cleaning company. We’d be spooked if you did, because ghosts are scary! However, if you have loved ones who were left behind, we may expect them to give us a call. No carpets should be left disgusting, even if their owner has travelled to the afterlife. Sorry, that’s just a fact of life…and death.

You don’t even have carpets

So you’re one of those people who doesn’t have carpets at all? Well, if you don’t have carpets, then you probably can’t clean them. However, unless you live in the forest off of the dirt, then you most likely have flooring of some sort! Lucky for you, Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning cleans floors of all sorts, including tile, linoleum, and hardwood! So, if you own a floor, even if it isn’t covered in carpeting, have it cleaned periodically. A hardwood floor that hasn’t been professionally cleaned in years can be just as bad as a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in that same amount of time.

You’re about to replace them

Cleaning your carpets right before you have them torn out is a waste! Why clean something that’s about to be trashed? While our carpet cleaning company would certainly be happy to clean your carpets right before you toss them, we would be confused. Not only do we live in a state where rain is a delicacy, but we also take pride in our work. Sweettouch is one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Peoria, so why would we want to watch our amazing work be sent to die in a landfill?

They’re brand new

If you just installed brand spankin’ new carpeting, then there is no need to have them professionally cleaned. Sure, there’s nothing as nice as clean carpets. However, our job as carpet cleaners is to get your floors as good as new. If they already are new, then what’s the point? Again, Arizona doesn’t have a surplus of water, so don’t waste it on cleaning brand new carpeting.

You go to ASU

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of Arizona State University. It’s an amazing school with a beautiful campus. Oh, and it’s also known for its bangers. That being said, if you’re an ASU student who likes to partake in the fun, calling for professional carpet cleaning in the middle of the semester may be a waste. Chances are, it’s going to become dirty again, and that’s just fine. Party on, students. Call for carpet cleaning before you graduate. We’ll still be around!

Just so you know, we’re being facetious. Obviously you can’t call a carpet cleaning company from the grave and not all ASU students partake in the raging (lol). We’ll trust your better judgement on whether or not your carpets need cleaning. Just know that we’re here for when they do. Call Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning in Peoria today!

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