How to Make Soap Scum Disappear

By Micheal Sweet on November 11, 2017

How to Make Soap Scum Disappear

When you think about tile and group, the first place that you think of will most likely be the shower. This is some of the most challenging grout and tile to stay on top of, and given the amount of use that your shower see’s, it makes sense.

At Sweettouch, we have some incredible experience under our belts when it comes to deep cleaning and transforming tile and grout. While we are able to provide that, there are some other issues that homeowners with tile worry about, one of them being how to manage the soap scum that will inevitably show up on the walls of your shower.

We have a few tips that can help you manage this a little bit better, but it’s best to understand that the best way to manage this is by having your grout and tile cleaned on a routine basis so that it can look just as good as you’d like for it too.

Why Remove Soap Scum

While most of us feel that this is a pretty self-explanatory issue, very few really feel that this is an issue with their bathroom. There are many reasons that you should try and prioritize the cleaning of your tile and grout, and many of them come down to the overall desire to ensure that your space looks nice and you’re taking the best care of your tile and grout. When the soap and scum of your shower build up, they immediately attract dirt and are known for creating a drastic change in color with your grout and overall shower appearance, so again, this is a pretty big thing to stay on top of.

Removing Soap Scum

There are so many different types of recipes that you can find online when you’re looking to remove soap scum from your shower, but how many of them will actually provide you with the results that you want is unknown. Many of these recipes will have ingredients that can help you tackle the surface level of the scum that you’re seeing, but the key to really tackling this issue is to get to the root of the issue itself.

One of the main ingredients that these recipes call for is an acidic or alkaline cleanser that will definitely help you get the soap scum off your tiles, but it also does some serious damage to your grout, which can create much bigger problems down the road.

While this is an ingredient that is capable of damaging your grout, it is actually a crucial ingredient to removing the scum from your tiles. That being said, it is necessary that a professional is using it. Tiles are laid very specifically and the materials that keep them together need to be treated with care in order for them to last as long as they are intended to.

The process that we’ll approach this situation with will utilize acidic and alkaline products that are strong enough to break down grout, but with the procedures that we use, we’ll also be treating the tile and the grout so that they have the high-quality care that they need, and the care necessary for the grout.

This requires a pH-neutral cleaner, the right tools to keep the tiles and grout clean, the right techniques, and an underlying knowledge of tile, to really understand how to approach this situation and care for it.

Causes of Soap Scum

Quite honestly, this is just something that’s bound to happen in your shower, but there are certain items that cause a buildup and, big surprise, they’re items that you’re going to be primarily using in your shower. The main item is your bar of soap. This has a waxy residue that sticks around on your shower walls and builds up, creating the scum. One of the best ways to reduce this is by switching to a body wash gel, that comes in a bottle.

Why Call a Professional

Now, we’ve mentioned the different recipes for solutions that you can find while searching online, so we understand that it would be tempting to take advantage of them and just tackle this project on your own, but there are some reasons that you shouldn’t do that.

The main reason is that caring for your tile comes down to so much more than just a good recipe, and the time that it will take to learn this, in order to apply this, is not worth the effort. By simply being aware of the products that are causing it and staying on top of it as much as you can, you are able to see that there is an overall reduced amount of scum moving forward.

If you’re in need of a team of professionals to come out and clean your grout and tile, you can count on Sweettouch. Reach out to us today and we can get started by providing you a consultation, bid and get your entire project scheduled.


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