Landlord Checklist Before Your Tenant Moves In

By Micheal Sweet on December 1, 2017


Landlord Checklist Before Your Tenant Moves In

Starting as a new landlord can be challenging, as there are so many things to think about. However, if you have found a tenant to move into your vacant space, then it’s time to take the necessary steps to make the house move-in ready! If you get into the habit of doing each of these things before someone moves in, you should have a smooth transition with minimal complaints and issues.

Repair Safety or Health Issues

Whether it’s a hole in the wall or a loose lock on the window, these things can cause serious problems for a renter. Make sure to repair them, even if you think you don’t have to. Otherwise, your tenant will likely call you within the week to complain. Also, verify that there are two forms of exit from the space, and check to see that all fire and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. Check for any signs of mold, and make sure that there are no lead-based paint problems! By looking for all these things, you can ensure that your property inspections are a breeze and that your tenant is happy.

Clean the Property

If there was a previous tenant, this is extremely important! Clean the tub, stove, refrigerator, and toilets. Also, cleaning the ducts is a smart idea to ensure that the quality of air is at its best. Finally, cleaning the carpets is extremely important. Any dust that has been tracked in from the previous people moving out can settle into the carpets, leaving an icky scent and feeling! Hire commercial carpet cleaners (like us!) to come in and clear the area for you.

Also, have the property exterminated before the tenant moves in, even if there is no visible issue. It is much better to be safe rather than sorry!

Check the Utilities Function

How is the heat working? The plumbing? How about the electricity? Before anyone moves in, you must make sure that everything is in working order. This is essential to do regardless of whether they pay for the utilities or you do. Check to see that the heat works in every room, that there are no leaks or clogs in the plumbing, and that the outlets and lights in every room work. These are needed utilities your tenant will need for a high quality of life!

Review the Lease with Tenant

Make sure to review the lease section by section with the tenant. Many people tend to avoid reading these agreements, so it’s important to go over everything with them. Once you have covered the entire agreement and made your expectations clear, both you and the tenant should sign and date your lease agreement. If you are renting out your space privately, seek legal counsel to help you write up a legally binding agreement to protect your property and interests.

Give the Tenant Your Contact Information

Make sure that your tenant can get ahold of you if they should need! This should be how they communicate with you if they have a question or a complaint. Whether this is a phone number or an email is up to you, but make sure they know to only contact you during business hours unless it is an absolute emergency. With that said, contact them back as soon as you possibly can to remain on good terms!

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