How to Keep Carpets Odor Free

By Micheal Sweet on November 20, 2017


How to Keep Carpets Odor Free

Have a smelly carpet? Try these tips from Sweettouch!

Carpets, while great for many reasons, have a tendency to trap in odors within their fibers. After a while, these odors stick around and make a room smelly, especially if you didn’t clean up in time. Luckily, there are ways to keep your carpets odor free, and they’re quite simple! As a carpet owner, you need to keep a close eye open for common carpet odor culprits. Our carpet cleaning company in Peoria has them nailed down, so we thought we’d share our insight with you all!

Open windows when you cook

The smell that comes from cooking is almost always delicious, except when it lingers for days after the meal. Sure, bacon smells great, but not when the smell is coming from your carpet. To help prevent cooking odors from becoming trapped in your carpet, open the windows as you cook. If it’s winter where you live, open them just a crack; anything helps! Most people don’t have carpets in their kitchen—that’s a recipe for disaster—but they do have carpeting in the surrounding rooms, and cooking odors aren’t going to contain themselves in the kitchen.

Clean up stains ASAP

Not all stains are attached to an odor, but some are. Take coffee for example: not only does it have the ability to stain a carpet, but the smell lingers. Add that to any other stain in the carpet, and things could begin to smell a little bit funky. Before these odors have the chance to manifest the overall scent of the room, clean them up! Even if you can’t get the entire stain out, pulling most of the substance out of the carpet fibers before it settles in will prevent it from leaving a lingering odor.

Be careful with pets

Pets are lovely, but they can be messy. Between accidents left on the carpet and pet dander shedding across the room, pets have a tendency to make a carpet a bit smelly. We suggest being careful with pets. Clean up after them regularly, apply a baking soda based powders to absorb odors, and vacuum a few times a week. You can have pets without having a home that smells like a zoo. You just need to practice clean habits.


Candles won’t prevent odors and they certainly won’t remove them. However, candles will do a great job at masking the odor for a few moments. If you don’t have the time to have your carpets cleaned and you’re about to have guests over, light a few candles. Now that it’s autumn, try lighting some cinnamon or pumpkin flavored ones for a pleasant fall experience!


Have your carpets professionally cleaned

There’s no way to get the odors out of your carpet for good unless you call for professional carpet cleaning. If you live in the Peoria area, choose us as your odor removing experts. We use truck mounted equipment that’s proven to make carpets spotless! We also specialize in pet odor and stain removal as well as upholstery cleaning. Contact us today!

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Our goal is to make your home feel fresh again by removing the stains and odors from your carpets.