Hidden Allergens in Your Home

By Micheal Sweet on December 22, 2017


Hidden Allergens in Your Home

If you have allergies, you know how bad they can be. With the sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes, it’s enough to keep you indoors for months at a time. However, did you know that your allergens could actually be worse indoors than they are outdoors? Pollen and other allergy triggers are lurking all over our homes. In order to really clear the air, make sure you pay attention to the following spaces allergens can live.


The pollen in the air can collect on whatever it is you are wearing outdoors. That’s why it’s recommended that you brush off your coat or sweatshirt before you head back into your Peoria home! If you’ve been hanging out in a particularly blooming area, make sure to clean off your pants as well. The pollen particles that are the worst culprits of this are the small ones you won’t be able to see on your clothing. If you are very sensitive to allergens, we recommend putting any contaminated articles of clothing into the washer as soon as possible.


Heavy pollens fall to the ground and don’t often get breathed in. This means you may not need to worry about what you are walking through. However, bringing these shoes into the house could track allergens through your home. This allows the carpets to collect them and make you feel particularly miserable when you’re home. Keep the shoes by the door to ensure that nothing gets tracked onto your carpets. If they do, call our carpet cleaning team immediately!

Shades, Curtains, or Blinds

You probably clean most of the fabrics in your house without a second thought, but what about your curtains? While these may help keep allergens out of your home at first, after awhile, they may begin collecting them before long. The curtains act as a filter when your windows are open, which can be helpful—until they are holding tons of allergens that are giving you a reaction. Experts recommend washing your curtains seasonally.

Pillows and Bedding

You’d be surprised how easy it is for pollen and other allergens to make their way to the bed! If you come home after being outside and pop into bed, you are invited pollen to move from your clothes to the bed. However, pollen isn’t the biggest problem. Dust mites are actually the most common cause of allergic reactions with bedding. The mites exist in every home, regardless of how much you clean, and that is okay. Just ease your symptoms by using allergen-proof covers on your mattress and pillows, and wash your bedding every week in hot water if you can.


You know that your pet’s dander is an allergy trigger, but it isn’t the only thing you can be allergic to on an animal. During pollen season, pets go outside and roll around on the ground. This causes them to pick up pollen and other allergens. In order to make sure they don’t make you feel all itchy and sniffly, wipe your pets with a damp washcloth after they have played outside. Additionally, try to keep them out of your bed to stay extra sure that your bedding stays allergen-free.

Fans and Air Conditioners

Have you ever take a close look at the fan in front of the window? These fans can get extremely dirty, as they tend to capture many of the airborne particles that lead to allergies. Wipe down your fans often to ensure that the same allergens aren’t just being circulated in your home. Also, check your air conditioner! Both window and central AC units have filters to catch pollen, but they need to be changed often in order to remain effective.


Even those of you who vacuum often are probably not getting rid of as many allergens as you think! It’s hard to know how much vacuuming can actually do, especially because dust mites aren’t really easily pulled up by a vacuum cleaner. Carpeted surfaces always hold more allergens than other non-carpeted surfaces, so keep that in mind when it comes to your cleaning routine! There is nothing wrong with having carpets in your home, as long as you are good about having them cleaned.

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