Green Carpet Trends

By Micheal Sweet on January 6, 2018

Green Carpet Trends

When you think of green carpets, you’re probably picturing the shag carpet from the 70’s styled home your grandparents owned before moving into their golf course condo. While everyone has a special place in their heart for that carpet, that’s not the kind we’re talking about. As a company that’s passionate about carpet cleaning and keeping your cage clean, we, of course, believe in being as green as possible. So, we’ve started researching new trends so that our cleaning materials and ideas can adapt to new and fascinating carpeting trends.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a trend toward natural materials on the rise in the flooring industry. More people want to feel nearer to nature and have been doing so by bringing it inside their homes. Most carpeting is made of synthetic fibers which reacts well to carpet cleaning, while the newer more naturally made products are going to be an experiment as far as keeping them clean as well as preventing staining. These new, greener products, offer thick cushy carpet with natural weaves.

Recycled Fiber Carpets

The rise of most recycled, or green, flooring can be attributed to corporate builders. Retail spaces and office buildings are creating a high demand for green flooring by buying it. Thus, manufacturers start to make more of it, leaving it an inexpensive price point for homeowners to install in their house. Among these higher tech versions of green flooring comes a recycled kind of carpet. The majority of these green floorings used in a corporate setting have been either hardwood, tile, or cork—so this is a newer frontier. The principle of this new material is that the fibers are made of recycled food and drink containers, rather than the regular carpet nylon fiber counterparts. These make a great alternative to regular carpet if you’re looking for something more traditional. This will also be one of the easier forms of green flooring to perform carpet cleaning services on. The others are less traditional.

Wool Carpet

This is definitely the eco-friendly flooring you’re going to find in most homes. It’s prevalent in carpeting and rugs and is super resistant to stains, doesn’t pile and is one of the most fire resistant surface you can use for flooring. It often comes with a coating that will make small amounts of water bead on the surface that you can just wipe off. This flooring is great at insulating which will lower your energy usage and bill. It is, however, prone to mildew after getting too wet, but you can purchase carpets that have hemp fibers included in the wool which will control its inclination toward becoming mildewy. In terms of carpet cleaning, wool is very receptive to the industry standard steam cleaning which often proves to extend the life of this material.

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