Green Carpet Trends Part 2

By Micheal Sweet on January 10, 2018

Green Carpet Trends Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of other green carpeting such as recycled fiber carpeting and wool carpeting. In this article, we’ll talk about the less orthodox options that you could pursue in the realm of eco-friendly carpeting. As dedicated floor and carpet cleaners, we’re aware that it’s our responsibility to keep up with these trends so we can continue to offer a wide variety of services to the Phoenix area. Together, we’ll pursue these new kinds of home improvements for your flooring as the trends pop up.

Seagrass Carpet

You’ve probably seen sandals or slippers made from seagrass in spas and massage parlors. It’s a smooth material made from natural plant fibers.This anti-static carpeting’s origins start in the crop of seagrass, where farmers grow it like rice in paddy fields that are flooded with seawater during the grow season. Thus, it’s called seagrass. These fibers are hard to break and aren’t absorbent. This makes this flooring insusceptible to the ravages of stain, discoloration, and particles of dirt and excess skin. This component of the material renders it impossible to be colored and so it’s only available in its natural sandy hue. On occasion, a manufacturer might weave colored strands into the carpet to create a different feel within the material. The one thing that’s capable of upsetting the seagrass carpet equilibrium is water, which we find at least somewhat ironic. In most environments, it can make a good petri dish to grow various types of mold and mildew. But that’s really not very different than most carpets— just be sure to wipe up spills fairly immediately. Because of this reason, it’s better not to install this material where there is a lot of water traffic such as the bathroom or kitchen. This kind of carpet is not particularly cooperative with commercial carpet cleaning methods. Many who use this material apply a dry cleaning powder and vacuum instead of steaming it to avoid mold buildup.

Coir Carpet

In our opinion, this is the strangest one on our list. It’s made from the shells of coconuts and  often appears as those fibers weaved together. It makes for an excellent entryway carpet as it’s a touch rough underfoot, but provides a sleek and original look to the space. It possesses a beautiful rustic look that can look great in anything from a cabin to a beach cabana. While we wouldn’t recommend it for the bedroom, it can make a great living area substitution to fragile nylon fiber carpets that are more prone to stains and susceptible to dirt. Depending on the type of spill, your carpet could stain, but it’s pretty resistant otherwise. Unlike traditional carpeting, it does not react well to water, meaning that you’d use a dry cleaning powder to wipe away stains and dirt to keep this sort of carpet clean.

Jute Carpets

This is the least versatile of all of the carpets on our collective lists. It’s easily stained and susceptible to dirt. It’s soft on your feet and would work well in a bedroom, unlike the other natural fiber carpets. But, that’s about the only place that it can reside because of its natural fragility. It’s created from a plant that’s indigenous to subtropical Asia. Though it’s fragile in nature, it is easily cleaned by a traditional carpet cleaning machine. Which makes it a more convenient option as far as cleaning options.

Sisal Carpet

This fiber is surprisingly soft and easy to color. It acts as a pretty durable option as it can stand up to high traffic and water. It does not quickly become coarse or rough, which makes it a great choice for everything from your hallway to your bedroom. Though it’s vulnerable to colors and dyes, it can be treated so it doesn’t absorb stains too quickly. These treatments should be regular so the material will stay up to par throughout the life of your home. It’s much less expensive than wool, which makes it a much more financially viable option for most people trying to lean in a greener direction.

Your beautiful new natural flooring will eventually need cleaning and at that point, Sweettouch LLC will be there to make sure your house is kept clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re in need of commercial carpet cleaning for your Phoenix or Chandler home, we’d be proud to offer our services. Find our comprehensive lists on our site here.

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