Carpet Fiber Types: Polyester

By Micheal Sweet on January 23, 2018


Carpet Fiber Types: Polyester

Welcome back to Sweettouch’s article series. Here, we’ll detail the different types of carpet that affect the nuances of the longevity of your broadloom carpeting and the cleaning schedule you should establish to keep your home allergen and mold free. Last time, we discussed the numerous differences between synthetic and natural fibers. Together we narrowed down the application of practicality to each type. At this point in our series, we’ll begin discussing the different types of synthetic fibers. If you’re interested in the details surrounding natural fibers, check them out here.

Polyester Benefits and Carpet Cleaning Requirments

The Initial Perks

If you’re still attached to an eco-friendly option, you might start your search with polyester fiber carpet. On top of this major plus, it also offers a lustrous appearance, high stain resistance, and low price point. It’s versatile in regard to purchasing in the form of berber or frieze, rendering it your decision what kind of carpet cleaning maintenance you think you’re up for. This choice is a nice departure from fibers like wool and cotton.

In-Depth Carpet Analysis

If you compare the appearance of polyester to that of a nylon carpet, it’s going to visibly higher quality color. You’ll recognize the nylon carpet for it’s more matte, dull finish. Its stain resistance is high, but it’s not stain proof. The fiber is considered to be a “closed-cell fiber” meaning that it’s hard to dye. This does not mean it’s impossible, however. What you’ll find more often than staining is what’s considered soiling and is often confused for staining. Soiling is different from staining in that it can be reversed where staining is much more difficult to get rid of. Staining occurs when the substance fuses with your carpet, soiling is just oils on top of the fibers collecting dirt and making you carpet appear stained. You can easily reduce soiling by limiting the carpets exposure to oil by wearing socks and slippers and fully rinsing cleaning products. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner, there will be no issues with removing a cleaning product entirely.

A Synthetic Eco-Friendly Carpet

Polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers. This is for several reasons, mainly the units of energy used to create even one nylon fiber is double the energy used to create the same of polyester. You’ll also find that polyester is one of the most easily recycled materials, which makes it, in a sense, renewable. Most of the polyester carpet on the market at this point is actually created from a recycled PET a plastic you can find in soft drink bottles. When you pop that Diet Coke liter bottle in your recycling, rest easy knowing it’s going into some lustrous, cushy polyester carpet in someone’s home.


In the respect of longevity, as we previously mentioned, synthetic fibers are far and above natural fibers. However, for all of polyesters pros, nylon beats it in the durability department. Due to technological innovations, however, more polyester fibers are being created that can hold a candle to nylon’s near indestructibility. This is displayed by the higher warranties you’ll find on the polyester carpets on the market now. Durability is a hard thing to measure when new products come out because they’ve yet to be time-tested, so the jury is out, but if manufacturer confidence is matched with a higher warranty, it’s on the safe side.

Broadloom Price Point

In comparison to its lesser counterpart: nylon, polyester is much cheaper than nylon. Polyester uses less raw materials, less energy, and is thus a great option for maintaining your budget. You can find a variety of grade and color to cater to both your wallet and your needs. Because of its affordability, you can choose more comfortable, vibrantly colored carpets that are easier to clean and therefore cheaper to hire a carpet cleaner for.

Next time, we’ll discuss nylon and why it’s the leading synthetic fiber option for carpeting. In the meantime, if you’re in need of a cleaning for you polyester carpet, give us a call. After proudly servicing the Phoenix, Arizona, area we’re experienced in offering great quotes, cleaning materials, and customer service. Give is a chance to add you to our happy list of customers from places like Avondale, El Mirage, and Estrella. Contact us today for a quick quote.

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