Carpet Fiber Types: Part 2

By Micheal Sweet on January 21, 2018


Carpet Fiber Types: Part 2

Determine Your Carpet Cleaning Schedule Depending on your Carpet Fibers

Welcome back to Sweettouch LLC’s blog series on carpet types and how to maintain them. In this article, we’ll be further examining the differences between natural and synthetic carpet materials and how easily they’re cleaned. We’ll cover things like the durability and cost comparisons, and delve into the specifics of certain synthetic fibers within this series. It’s important to know these details before purchasing carpet and before deciding the frequency and type of cleaning you’ll want to implement. A regular and adapted cleaning schedule will lower allergens in your home, as well as reduce risks of mold and other ill-effects of the dirt you drag in from outside. Read on for more.


Your carpet should not be a Blade Runner android with only a four-year lifespan, it should be able to hold up to the test of time. On that note, it’s actually somewhat difficult to compare the longevity between fibers. This is because it’s hard to measure how much abuse one might put a fiber that’s not water resistant through. It’s hard to benchmark something with so many different variables. As far as synthetic fibers, you’ll want to look at a carpet with nylon if you have heavier traffic expectations. Inversely, wool is a great option for a natural fiber carpet that can hold up to most expectations, but if you live in a humid place or have a sensitive nose, best to avoid it entirely. In the broader spectrum, avoid natural fiber if you’re expecting a good level of longevity from your carpet, they’re just not as practical as their VOC emitting counterparts. If you are, however, concerned about those volatile organic compounds in your air, you’ll have to budget for regular cleaning and replacement.

Carpet Price Point

All of these fiber types will come in two main styles: frieze (tight loops), and berber (loose loops). This is what’s going to determine if your carpet is easier to clean, less expensive, or if it’s going to be harder to clean. This factors into price points in a few ways, price per footing of carpet, price of cleaning, and the price difference between these loop sizes. Across the board, synthetic fibers are going to be cheaper per square foot. Natural fibers are usually going to require a different type of carpet cleaning that’s closer in nature to dry cleaning than the more effective steam cleaning. Berber carpet is easier to clean, but needs to be cleaned less often to keep it looking good, but it’s more expensive per square foot. Frieze carpet holds dirt longer and at the same time is closely packed so doesn’t show as much dirt, it’s cheaper per square foot and should be cleaned more regularly. This conundrum can be relieved by buying a high-quality vacuum and using it about once per week to keep dirt down. That way, you can limit carpet cleaning and, therefore, the long-term cost of the item. Replacement and longevity factored in, you’ll want to choose synthetic for pricing. Sweettouch actually offers cleaning services that limit VCO emissions into your home which makes them a safer and cheaper alternative to the average berber broadloom (wall-to-wall carpet) price of wool which rings in at about $60 per square foot of carpet.

Carpet Viability

While natural fibers are better than synthetic fibers in so many ways, unless you have the money and time to maintain them, it’s best to go synthetic and employee carpet cleaning services that can limit the negative effects of the fibers. After coming to this conclusion, you’re probably overwhelmed with the possibilities of all the synthetic fibers you’re going to have to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

After your education on types of carpet fibers, you’re ready to design a cleaning schedule that works for your kind of carpet. Keep your home allergen and dirt free with our help! Are you in need of an emergency carpet cleaning? Whether it’s berber or frieze, natural or synthetic, Sweettouch LLC is here to help! Access our services page to find our comprehensive list of offerings. We’ve proudly serviced homes in Avondale and Chandler in the Phoenix area. Add your name to our happy list of customers and make that carpet look and smell brand new. Contact us now for a fair quote.

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