Adventures in Carpet Cleaning Glendale

By Micheal Sweet on March 11, 2016

Adventures in Carpet Cleaning Glendale

There could be something lurking in your home that is actually making you ill and you wouldn’t even know about it. Carpets and even fabrics like sofas and chairs could be the culprit. All from bad and cheap cleaning caused by over wetting. The fly by night carpet cleaner who was trying to make a quick buck could be jeopardizing your health.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning can Lead to a Mold Disaster


We are of course talking about mold, which can be left on your carpet as the result of carelessness and inexperienced carpet cleaners. Mold is not just harmless black spots that’s for sure. It can cause:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headache, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and visual disturbances
  • Immune system disturbances and fatigue
  • GI problems
  • Shortness of breath

Mold is a type of fungus, as are mushrooms and yeast that can cause damage to your health. There are between 110,000 and 410,000 types of fungi (estimates vary), and of these, scientists have identified more than 1,000 types of mold growing inside houses across America for instance.

Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale Does It Right The 1st Time

Has this scenario happened to you? You found their website and saw their cheap prices or perhaps you responded to a leaflet through your door that had surprisingly low prices? It can happen to all of us.

Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale got a call from Shelly in Glendale. She said she had another carpet cleaning company come out to her home about 6 month ago. Of course they gave her a cheap price. She mentioned to us that the carpets stayed wet for three or four days. After each passing day she noticed a moldy smell. She contacted the company and they reassured her that the smell would go away. However, it only got worse. After 6 months, she finally had enough and called Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale. We went to Shelly’s home and right away we knew what was causing the odor. She had mold in two of the three rooms. the smell was over-powering. She had to keep the doors closed in two of the three rooms. In this case we had to pull the carpets out and replace the padding and seal the floor. All this because of some fly by night carpet cleaner, who didn’t have the experience or know how of Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale. I quoted her a fair price of $110.00. The other guy charged her a price of $69.00. When it was all said and done, she ended paying us $320.00. She actually hugged my technician and promised to never skimp on carpet cleaning again.

Avoid a Disaster and Call an Experienced Carpet Cleaner

Thus, having wet carpets in your home is not good for you. If you have had a bad experience with a carpet cleaner who used cheap, weak equipment, thus leaving your carpets too wet, (often for days on end) then next time make sure that they really do have the most powerful cleaning system available (regardless of them saying so on their websites – it’s just sales talk). This way you should never get a serious mold problem, possibly risking your health again. If the equipment is NOT the most powerful, then it simply cannot extract as much moisture possible. Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale has the newest and strongest carpet cleaning equipment in the industry by far and we have experienced and knowledgeable technicians that know how to use it properly and effectively. Call Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning Glendale at 602-702-9456.

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