Carpet Cleaning Buckeye

By Micheal Sweet on July 17, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Buckeye

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Sweettouch provides complete carpet cleaning to Buckeye.  Whether you live in Verrado or Sundance, Sweettouch cleans carpet in your area.

Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning believes in offering the kind of customer service that makes people want to return.  We value relationships and so we will go the extra mile for you.  The saying, “There are never any traffic jams on the extra mile” is something that separates us from other carpet cleaners.

Our pricing is affordable.  We even list our pricing on our carpet cleaning page as a convenience. (Click here for pricing.)

We believe creating clean and safe environments and so we use biodegradable products.  We will also try and offer flexible scheduling that meets your needs and show up on time.

Our carpet cleaning machine is proven to clean carpets in the most effective way in the industry. We use truck mounted steam extraction.  When water converts into steam it does so at very hot temperatures.  The hot temperature of the steam is what helps to break down the dirt in your carpet and kill the germs.  That’s right! There are germs living in your carpet!

Complete Carpet Cleaning

The Sweettouch complete carpet cleaning process consists of multiple steps, all of which are vital in order to get your carpet cleaned.  We will first spray a cleaning solution that will begin to break down dirt that has been absorbed in your carpet. We will also use a carpet rake and work the solution into the fibers of your carpet. The next step consists of using steam extraction, which is a combination of injecting complete carpet cleaning solutions into the carpet and then extracting them via steam extraction.  After we have finished extracting our complete carpet cleaning solutions, we will spray a conditioner on your carpet and use a groom rake to make it look and feel beautiful.

Being a resident of Buckeye means you have encountered severe dust storms.  Ever see that wall of dirt headed your way?  A dust storm that looks like a tsunami is called a haboob. What happened to all the dirt that got into your house and carpet since the last severe storm? It probably has been collected in the carpet and the traffic areas near entrance ways are starting to look dingy.

If you know it’s time to get the carpet cleaned in your home then call Sweettouch Complete Carpet Cleaning today!

For more information about Sweettouch, Meet the Founder, Michael Sweet!

Complete Carpet Cleaning Buckeye

We provide carpet cleaning for Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Surprise, and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to make your home feel fresh again by removing the stains and odors from your carpets.