5 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean

By Micheal Sweet on July 3, 2012


5 Tips to Keep your Carpet Clean

The carpet in your home can be a costly investment and extending its life should be the goal.  The carpet in your home should be professionally cleaned one to two times per year depending on household size, number of children and pets. When it’s time to get professional carpet cleaning for your home, call Sweettouch Carpet Cleaning 602-702-9456.

The following article will provide you with five easy tips to help you extend the life of your carpet in between professional cleanings.

Make an attempt to remove your shoes before entering the house.  Think about the places where you have walked all day.  Parking lots, sidewalks and pathways can track grease, dirt and gum onto your shoes.  The grease from your shoes is then carried into the house and smeared onto the carpet. Wearing shoes in the house is one of the biggest reasons high traffic areas become so dingy looking.  Ever notice those wear patterns on the carpet?  The wear patterns are usually high traffic areas.  High traffic areas in the home include main entrances, hallways, kitchens and living room areas.  Place a container or shoe rack by each entrance into the home and you will notice the how the carpet and your home stay cleaner.

Place outdoor mats and indoor rugs by all entrances into the home.   Area rugs can be placed in high traffic areas like the living rooms and bedrooms.  Place an area rug under the table in the dining room to protect the carpet from food and spills.  Runners can be placed in high traffic areas like hallways and stairways.  The carpet under the rug will become pressed down, but can usually be fluffed out with a grooming rake.  You will notice that the carpet underneath the rug will retain the original shine and color.

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Vacuum at least once each week.  Pet dander, dust, and lint gather quickly in homes and can leave an odor or discoloration. Weekly vacuuming can prevent dust from sitting and mixing with grease and oils, especially around kitchens. Vacuuming consistently helps to prevent allergens from collecting so your loved ones can breathe easily.

Purchase a grooming rake and groom the carpet after vacuuming.  Regular grooming keeps the carpet fibers resilient allowing them to continue reflecting light.  Carpet grooming can restore the carpet to what it looked like in the showroom when you first bought it.

Ask your local professional carpet cleaner to add a carpet protector.  Carpet protectors can help guard against stains and can prevent spills from absorbing into the fibers of your carpet.  Carpet protector can be sprayed on the carpet after a professional cleaning.  After drying, the carpet protector turns into a clear coating.  The clear coating prevents liquids, dirt and other materials from setting into the carpet.

By following these five tips you will be sure to enjoy the extended life of your carpet and a cleaner home.

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